Partner Program

Become a SOONER Partner!

About us:

Sooner is a streaming service based in Berlin. From here, we seek out the best the film world has to offer - from indie gems to exclusive highlights from the biggest festivals, to exciting and engaging cinema from a new generation of filmmakers.

Thus, we offer our audience a program that is curated with care and dedication and consists of stories that deeply move and deserve to be heard. SOONER is streaming with perspective and attitude - committed, independent, authentic and with a decidedly European character. This includes our social engagement alongside film selection. SOONER is a partner of the INTO THE WILD mentoring program, where we support female filmmakers starting their careers. In addition, 2% of our revenue goes to the Honnold Foundation, which provides disadvantaged communities with access to solar panels - good for the environment and social justice.

As a partner, you have several opportunities to work with us. I'm sure we can find some that will benefit everyone involved!

If you are interested, please send us a message to and find out more about our partner program in this presentation.